Your In-Centre Clinical Team

  • Gedung penawar has set a series of culture of upholding the importance of continuous medical education (cme) and strict adherence to the standard clinical practical guideline ( CPG ) for End Stage Renal Failure ( ESRF ) patients guarantees safe, quality, and comprehensive care to our patient
  • Our in-centre clinical team pledge to strive towards excellence in treatment and medical consultation to restore the  quality of life for those who are challenged with kidney failure diseases
  • Know our team, your new family
    • Medical director
      Our doctor that is responsible in overseeing aspects of administration, policies, procedure and clinical aspects of Gedung Penawar's centres
    • Visiting nephrologist
      Physician which specialised on kidney care. Nephrologist is the one responsible on prescribing your dialysis treatment and monitoring progress of your disease
    • In centre medical practitioner ( PIC )
      Malaysia Society of Nephrology ( MSN ) certified medical doctor which will oversee the clinical and operational of respective dialysis centre.
    • In-charge centre manager
      Experienced certified renal nurse that leads fellow in centre clinical team. Besides their day to day responsibility of managing patients care, they work hand in hand with our medical director to ensure policies and procedure are carried out
    • Certified renal nurses
      They are certified post basic nurse of dialysis healthcare that ensure you receive optimum dialysis treatment. They will be operate the machines and monitor your treatment throughout your sessions
    • In centre clerk
      They assist our in centre manager to ensure clerical and administrative duties to be carried out efficiently
    • Customer services officer
      Our dedicated officer that will ensure you and your family new chapter of life with Gedung Penawar to be a impeccable.
    • Maintenance response team
      They are an important part of the family that ensures haemodialysis machines to be function flawlessly everyday and to conduct compulsory scheduled preventive maintenance