"We want you to grow with us"

In GP we believe training as an educational process. We offer training in clinical development and management development that helps our staff to perform their job and to meet the requirements of GP.

  • In clinical development training, our staffs are trained and educate on the standard of nursing and medical code of conduct so as to prevail healthy environment to our patients and workplace.

    • At GP we have special training scheme for fresh graduate where we hire them as “Trainee Dialysis Nurse”. Trainee will undergo core clinical activities in the first six month of training process. Trainee will develop clinical skills by observation and then by doing, working hand in hand with the Centre Manager and the trainee is to observe how clinical practise is conducted. Towards the end of the training duration, trainee will have in- class training and finally will be assessed by our in-house Clinical Trainer.
    • GP also provide in-service training to all staff. The in-service training will give staff opportunity to improve and develop their clinical skills.

  • In management development training, our staffs are trained to develop the knowledge and skills that would improve leadership, supervising, managing, interpersonal relationships and communication. Training may be carried out in- house at our training centre by our own in-house expertise or by invited guest speakers.