Joint Venture Partnership Model

  • In 2012, there were 28,590 patients receiving dialysis treatment, and this reflects an exponential increase from a mere 1,396 patients in the year 1993, which vast majority of this patient were on haemodialysis ( HD )
  • We believe in penetrating the ever growing market together by pooling resources and expertise as our strategic alliance to ensure an everlasting commitment for a quality dialysis services to our fellow Malaysians
  • By being one of the forefront of the industry we are confident the issues of finance, operational, governance, ever growing competition, regulation and compliance issues to be minimize by our well structured JV partnership model


Benefits Of Our JV Partnership Model

  • A very flexible joint venture
  • cost efficiency by increase in purchasing power
  • minimal risk with more yield on profit
  • bringing our success driven culture and management styles to you
  • increase reach and access to a new market instantly
  • access to greater resources which includes personnel expertise and technology
  • strong financial resources


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