Gedung Penawar Sdn Bhd Introducing their Dialysis Business Opportunity Program

Created: 24 June 2014

Comprehensive Dialysis Management Support for Medical Professionals


Teluk Panglima Garang, Banting: Today, GedungPenawarSdnBhd, a service provider specializing in dialysis service, announced that they are launching their flagship dialysis outlets as well as their comprehensive business and clinical support system to cater the needs and wants of medical professionals. Their system and business opportunities have received the support from PerbadananNasionalBerhad (PNS), Pembangunan Leasing Corporation (PLC), Malaysian Franchise Association (MFA) and various Malaysian banking facilities.



Pusat Dialisis Mukmin Teluk Panglima Garang (TPG) is the model for the franchise centres under the umbrella of Gedung Penawar Sdn Bhd. The franchise program at Gedung Penawar Sdn Bhd will be branded under the name of Pusat Dialisis Mukmin. The franchise program will be equipped with a very comprehensive, steadfast and ever growing total dialysis management solutions. Moving forward to be as one of the prime dialysis treatment provider, Gedung Penawar Sdn Bhd invested in developing its own web-based maintenance system, centralized purchasing system, just-in-time stocking system as well as the automated billing system. The management team of GedungPenawarSdnBhd believes that, with these systems would be able to tackle various management issues at their centres.


The CEO of Gedung Penawar Sdn Bhd, Puan Adura Maso’od believes that every employee has their own potentials. Due to this vision, the clinical &medical team have come out with a training manual to further develop the clinical staff. Her aspiration was later turned into reality, where she has set up an in-house training centre. The in-house training centre will act as the catalyst in preparing the staff nurse before they are sent for their Post Basic Renal course. Aside to the clinical aspects, another training in-house centre was set up at their headquarters in Sungai Buloh to further train their team on the aspects of management and soft-skills.


Gedung Penawar Sdn Bhd motto “Green Quality Dialysis for All” is to ensure that their patients receive the best dialysis care andtreatment while having an eco-friendly environment. Ensuring that their quality is well taken care of, they have their internal Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) both for management and clinical aspect. Currently, Gedung Penawar Sdn Bhd is going for the MSQH accreditation.


Medical professionals and practitioners should keep this company on their radar, as Gedung Penawar Sdn Bhd is expanding their wings throughout Malaysia. With lines of competent workforce, Gedung Penawar Sdn Bhd has no difficulties in catering to their centers as well as franchises. For more information, kindly login to their website that was also launched today.


‘From Malaysian, to Malaysian, Purely Malaysian’


Gedung Penawar Sdn Bhd has first carved its milestone in the year 2002, started with the collaboration between GPSB with Yayasan Emkay Sdn Bhd in managing a few dialysis centres. From managing one centre, GPSB has been entrusted to manage five other centres until today. The company was first incorporated in the year 2004 by the founder Mrs Adura Maso’od and Mr Azlan bin Maso’od. This company was born out of the aspiration and enthusiasm of a doctor who seek to ensure the best treatment for all ESRF patients.The year 2004 also has marked a new momentous when Gedung Penawar Sdn Bhd brand name was unveiled under the name of Pusat Dialisis Mukmin to further expand its wings to continuously provide the best renal treatment to all ESRF patients.

Aspire to be the prime leader in this industry, here, at Gedung Penawar Sdn Bhd, they practice green quality dialysis care in lined with the vision and mission statements of the company. They endeavor to deliver their endless dedicated commitment to always provide the highest level of renal treatment experience, staying true to their tagline “Green Quality Dialysis for All”.


Through the years, Gedung Penawar Sdn Bhd has succeeded in making sure all the centres under its wings to become the preferred private haemodialysis centres in Malaysia.


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