Amicable and fruitful meeting between Gedung Penawar management team and resident of Pusat Dialisis Mukmin Sikamat

Created: 17 May 2014
  • Gedung Penawar management team shows their serious commitment on issues regarding their patients wellbeing by conducting a dialogue session for patients of PDM Sikamat and their relatives.
  • The dialogue session took place in our dialysis centre in Sikamat and attended by all top management personnel including our own CEO, Puan Adura Masood together with both party representatives.
  • During the dialogue session, Puan Adura repeatedly emphasise on the importance of continuous feedback from patients and staff to ensure Gedung Penawar vision of providing the highest prescribed treatment to ESRF patient to be a success
  • Our management team concludes that the dialogue sessions to be considered a success as every issues raised by patients and relatives were taken into consideration and resolved immediately.