• Aspiring doctors looking to be our centre person in charge?

    Location: Sementa, Banting, Grik, Bukit Merah

    Opportunity to undergo 200 hours training under MSN

    . Kindly email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Green Quality Dialysis For All

    Gedung Penawar aims to be at the forefront of nation's Haemodialysis care and treatment

  • Great Business Opportunities

    Gedung Penawar provides aspiring medical professionals and entrepreneurial framework to build and manage with sustained success

News & Updates

Gedung Penawar Event 2022


GPSB Kick Off Meeting 2022

Our 1st Kick off training/meeting for 2022 - 17 & 18 February held with all Clinical Instructors, Managers In-Charge and HQ team for “GP 2022 Way to Go”.

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About Gedung Penawar

Gedung Penawar Sdn Bhd has first carved its milestone in the year 2002, started with the collaboration between GPSB with Yayasan Emkay Sdn Bhd in managing a few dialysis centres. From managing one centre, GPSB has been entrusted to manage five other centres until today. Gedung Penawar Sdn Bhd was first incorporated in the year 2004 by the founder Dr Mohd Padzil Mohd Daros and Puan Adura Maso'od. This company was born out of the aspiration and enthusiasm of a doctor who seek to ensure the best treatment for all ESRF patients.

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